10 Travel tips you must know

The benefits of traveling cannot be overemphasized. Besides the fun and excitement that come with knowing new places and seeing interesting places, it also allows you to cool off especially when you go on vacation to great destinations.
Even as traveling can be fun and exciting, not making proper preparations can definitely ruin the whole experience. There are some travel tips that need to implement every time you set on a journey to ensure you get the feeling experience and pleasure you desire.
I have come up with a list of 10 travel tips that would go a long way to ensure you stay safe during your next trip.

1. The first tip has to do with the safety of your family. It is advised that you endeavor to use the seat-belt and ensure your kids are belted to their seats every time the car is in motion. The kids come first when you travel and as such should be given adequate attention.

2. Ensure your cash is safely kept and as much as possible; ensure it is out of sight. When you stop at a store or any such places, be careful as to the way you display your cash. As much as possible, try to use a travelers check and when you have to carry cash, split it between you and your spouse to ensure your liquidity is not totally vested in a particular individual.

3. Always have a first aid kit in your car. Regardless of the duration of the journey, things happen in a twinkle of any eye and you do not want to be caught seeking medical help at the middle of nowhere especially if it is a minor situation that could have been handled with some few medications.

4. Stay off ATM machines at night. This basically means that you should only visit these machines during the day where everybody can see what is going on to avoid being attached when using the facility, a common occurrence at nights. You should also try to visit the ATM in the company of someone if you have to use one in the night.

5. Try as much as possible to get your children occupied if you happen to be traveling with them. This ensures that you properly focus on driving.

6. Even as you have them occupied, do not take your attention totally away from your children and other things happening around you. You therefore need to be aware of happenings around you as travel.

7. Do not lose sight of your luggage. It is important to have them close to you and to avoid getting too close to strangers or even asking them to help you watch over your items.

8. Your regular medication should be kept with you and separate from other luggage to ensure it is always within reach when needed.

9. Try as much as possible to leave your valued jewellery and accessories at home and not take them with you as you travel. This is to ensure you do not end up losing them.

10. Remember, your children are your most priced asset and they should be protected as much as possible. In this light, avoid taking them to places that have advisories issued on them.

The tips mentioned above are some of the ones I have always followed. Following them will ensure you do not only have a safe trip, but you can always look and be happy of the happy times you were able to spend with friends and family.

Picture credit goes to: Darren

Household Cleaning Tips You Never Knew Existed

Place coffee beans into your refrigerator not just for the aroma, but also for the power that coffee has in absorbing odour.

coffee beans in the fridge

Run your empty detergent cycle with a cup of vinegar for a few cycles to clean out the gunk that has built up.

To clean and sharpen up garbage disposal blades, simply put a handful of ice cubes down the disposal. To add a little bonus, just add a few lemons or oranges to the mix and it will not only sharpen the ice but will make a natural pot-pourri.

Dryer Sheets – More than just a freshener for the tumble cycle, you can also use dryer sheets to get caked off grease off of pots and pans by soaking the dryer sheet in a pot of water overnight. Then, use the overly saturated wipe on the dirty pants to see how well they can work.

Before you recycle your newspaper, cover the bottom of your trash can with them in order to sop up any spills that may have fallen under the bag.

If you have scuffs on your kitchen floor, try using a sponge with baking soda.

To pick up small shards of glass that may have gotten into the grout, use a piece of rolled up play dough and roll it over the floor. Then carefully throw the ball away.

You can polish copper with salt! Just fill a spray bottle halfway with vinegar and dissolve 2TBS of salt. Then, spray the copper and gently wipe.

Not only can you use mouthwash in your mouth, you can also use it to clean tile or vinyl floors. Just avoid using it on wood.

favorite baking soda

One of the quickest appliances to get dirty is the toaster oven. Even top oven reviews for 2015 often say that their shine goes away quickly. Solve this problem with a few passes with a disinfectant wipe.

After cleaning the bathroom, rub baby oil on the faucet, sink, and tub to help the dirt roll right off. Only do this once per month, though.

You can use baking power on lemon in your shower. Simply mix the two together into a paste, apply it to the grout, faucet, knobs, etc. Let that sit for about two hours and then rinse off.

Before you head off to the grocery store for expensive cleaning products, take stock of what you have in the house. You might just be able to do a deep clean without spending tons of money!

Bath Salts for Muscle Pain

Salt salt salt

Bath salts have long been used for their therapeutic qualities. They have been known to help people relax, reduce stress, add comfort and revitalize their body. Not only that, but some bath salts are enriched with vitamins that are known to help soften and moisturize the skin. There are a number of different brands and styles out there, which can make it difficult to know which will work best for your situation. Here are some of the best selling bath salts for sale, which will help you make a more educated decision.

Village Naturals Therapy Aches & Pains Mineral Bath Soak
Salt salt salt
This is one of the top bath salts for sale for a variety of reasons. This therapeutic formula will help ease aches and pains that come from fatigued muscles and stress. All of the ingredients are all natural and this product was never tested on animals. It contains a number of active ingredients including eucalyptus that helps soothe and revitalize muscles and skin, chamomile that helps you relax and rosehips that helps increase comfort and renew skin.

Burt’s Bees Therapeutic Bath Crystals
Salt salt salt
These therapeutic bath salts for sale use a combination of sea salts, lemon and eucalyptus to help ease soreness and remove aches and pains. It also uses essential oils that penetrate deeply and help to eliminate waste from the body and make muscles feel relaxed and energized. This 100% natural product is perfect way to release stress at the end of a hard day. It has also been known to help people that are feeling sick.

Epsoak Epsom Salt
Salt salt salt
This is another popular brand of bath salts for sale from the San Francisco Salt Company. These premium quality salts can help reduce pain and aches associated with sore muscles and stress. In addition, they will help you to flush toxin out of your body while also aiding in the absorption of nutrients. It comes in a twenty pound re-sealable bag, so you will get plenty of value for the money. Reviews for this product have been overwhelmingly positive.

AHAVA Dead Sea Salt Natural Mineral Bath Salt
Salt salt salt
Another of the most popular bath salts for sale is this offering from AHAVA. These salts are infused with a unique blend of eucalyptus and essential oils that were specifically developed to help rejuvenate the body and mind. This product is allergy tested, which makes it safe, even for people that suffer from allergic reactions to other products. A soak in these salts will not only help relax muscles and joints but will also make skin soft, healthy and hydrated. These salts are ideal for a relaxing soak.

Himalayan Bath Salt-Fine Grain
Salt salt salt
These popular bath salts for sale come from Midwest Bath Salt Company and combine 84 essential ionized minerals. They provide deep cleaning that penetrates the skin and helps to clean it from the inside out, while making it softer and more hydrated. The specially designed formula harmonizes the alkaline acidity balance in your body and can also help to normalize the blood pressure.

Generally, all these bath salts are designed to make your bath similar to those natural hot spring, read more on the bath salts and its benefit here.